For Moments of Indulgence

Established in 1962

Fenjal History
Luxurious Bathing
and skincare

What makes fenjal so special?

First established over 50 years ago in Switzerland by leading skincare experts, fenjal offers a range of indulgent and luxurious bathing & skincare products, all enriched with natural ingredients that leaves your skin feeling silky soft & irresistibly smooth.

Its unique classic fragrance is what makes fenjal so special, with notes of vanilla, rose and pine needles, skin will be delicately scented all day long. fenjal is perfect for an indulgent treat or even for every day use.

fenjal has been tried and trusted for many years and can be found in many leading high street and grocer stores
Fenjal History

Why fenjal?

  • A range with natural ingredients to leave skin feeling cleansed, hydrated and moisturised
  • All delicately fragranced with the classic fenjal scent
  • Perfect for any indulgent treat
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