Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. fenjal has been specifically designed for sensitive skin, and is dermatologically tested. However please do not use Body Lotion or Body Oil on your face, as the face is even more sensitive. 

Absolutely. It’s a lovely way to relax.

Yes. All elements are recyclable in domestic recycling?

A few minor changes have been made to some formulations to ensure fenjal remains fully compliant with all regulations. We put in huge efforts to ensure that when recipe changes are forced upon us we deliver a formula that feels 100% true to the original.

Parabens are widely used within personal care products. They are used as a preservative and help stop bacteria, fungus and microbes from growing in creams and make-up. There are concerns that absorption of parabens into the body poses a potential health risk to both men and women. 

No. All products are free of silicone.

Most fenjal products do not contain any colourants. The exceptions are Crème Bath Oil, Body Oil and Shower Oil. 

No. fenjal contains 100% vegan ingredient. Since its first launch in the 1960’s fenjal has always used plant oils to nourish and enrich the skin, in preference to the animal-derived oils. 

By Alcohol, we take that as Ethyl Alcohol, the type of alcohol found in beer, wine etc, and avoided by many peopleAll fenjal products, except Body Spray and Aerosol deodorant, have NO ethyl alcohol in. Body Spray and Aerosol Deodorant need the alcohol to function. 

Just as fenjal avoids oils derived from animals, it also avoids mineral oils, which are generally derived from crude oil. Fenjal only uses plant-derived oils – it is our belief that they work better with the body.

Fenjal was first launched in 1962 in Switzerland. It arrived in the UK in 1967, and has been a firm favourite in many bathrooms ever since.

Not yet, but we are considering it. If you just want to carry the fenjal classic fragrance with you all day, then the Body Spray is a very good option.  

  1. It’s possible to buy fenjal on this website.
  2. Or you can find some fenjal products in Boots, good local pharmacies, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Waitrose, Superdrug, Ocado, Medino and on Amazon.